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Earth's Magnetosphere

This page contains a record of experimental data acquired at the Observatory. The data is updated hourly and is available as the most recent one, six, and twenty-four hour graphs. Additionally, at the end of each calendar day, that day's data is archived and made available in the table of Archived Data. By default, the most recent twenty-four hour graphs are displayed. The most recent one and six hours of data can be selected by clicking on their respective buttons and daily data can be viewed by clicking on one of the date fields in the table of Archived Data below.

Anywhere from one to six graphs are displayed at any time including "Field Signal", "Error Signal", "Internal Temperature", "External Temperature", "Heater Power", "Laser Power", all as a function of time. The Field Signal contains a record of the relative magnetic field measured by the Balance. The Error Signal displays how well the Balance is following the relative magnetic field. The Internal and External Temperatures show the temperature in the vicinity of the Nulling Magnet Assembly and on the south outside of the enclosure, respectively. Heater Power provides an indication of how much thermal power is being dissipated to maintain the enclosure interior at the desired set temperature. Laser Power is an arbitrary measure of the brightness of the laser source. Experimentally this signal is found to be significantly sensitive to the temperature of the laser diode assembly and offers and independent measure of internal temperature fluctuations.

Observatory Location:

Latitude: 40.572° North
Longitude: 105.062° West
Elevation: 1.5 km above sea level

Current Date & Time:

10:16 Hr, 22 July 2024 UTC
03:16 Hr, 22 July 2024 PDT

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