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XTR Systems, LLC

Offering Web Programming & Web Development Training, Strategic Business Analysis & Planning Consulting, Hemp & Cannabis Consulting, Musical Machinations, & committed to the promotion of science & scientific literacy in our society

Ooooh, sassy!
Musical Machinations

Ooooh, Sassy! Headquarters
Hemp and Cannabis
Hemp & Cannabis

ChemIntelligence for Hemp & Cannabis Industries
Business Development Consulting
Business Development

Strategic Business Analysis & Planning
Web & Technology Development
Web Programming Training
Web Programming & Development Training

Perl, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, CGI, UNIX,
Linux, Java, Imaging, Security, XML...
Northern Colorado Earth Magnetism Observatory

Northern Colorado Earth Magnetism Observatory
Automated, On-line, Real-time Magnetometer
Potato Cannon and High Speed Photography
The Potato Cannon

An exercise in Small Explosions, Cannons, Objects with Velocity and High Speed Photography
Radio Astronomy
Radio Astronomy

Antenna Gain Pattern Calculator
Simple Mapping Project for Deep Space Exploration Society
Ionospheric Monitoring
Ionospheric Monitoring & Software Defined Radio

Northern Colorado Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance Observatory
Automated, On-line, Real-time Ionospheric Monitor
VLF, Software Defined Radio
Rockies Venture Club

Rockies Venture Club
A volunteer-based, non-profit organization
celebrating entrepreneurship in Colorado Perl Module

A flexible, consistent, an easy-to-use, object-oriented Perl 5 library for accessing the serial ports on the Macintosh computer

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