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NCSIDO - Northern Colorado Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance Observatory

Earth's Ionoshpere

These pages describe the construction and operation of an observatory capable of monitoring the earth's ionosphere to search for Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances (SIDs). The structure of the ionosphere depends sensitively on the ultraviolet and X-ray flux from solar radiation and SIDs are driven by solar flares and other events.

This work has several goals: the continuous monitoring of the structure and dynamics of the ionosphere, the promotion of citizen science, the development and application of Software Defined Radio (SDR), and the publication of real-time experimentally acquired data through the World Wide Web.

The pages here contain many experimental details, lots of images and descriptions, and ongoing results. This is a work-in-progress designed to aid other experimenters with their work in this area. I welcome comments by and discussion with all interested individuals.

If you're interested in examining the on-line, real-time data in graphical format, you can view it on the Graph Data page.

If you're interested in processing the on-line, real-time data, you can download it from the Text Data page.