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DiVerdi Technical Training has been training the leading industry technical personnel for over three years. The DTT method has been highly successful in producing immediate rapid and measurable results for students in many technical areas including java, web security and immediate results that deliver to the bottom line and address the company's current projects.

Seventeen years of broad, deep and always practical experience in high technology product, market and organization development. Comprehensive knowledge of physical sciences, scientific instrumentation, and computer technology especially with regard to their commercial deployment. Emphasis in Internet methods, financial analysis, leadership, oral and written communication, and organization development.

Management Experience:

Built and lead teams of engineers, scientists, and staff to design, manufacture, market, and maintain scientific research and clinical magnetic resonance instrumentation. Developed cost accounting system for strategic planning of custom instrumentation proposals.

Internet Experience:

Developed Internet and intranet presence for e-commerce, sales promotion, corporate communication, technical support, and custom product sales force management.

Computer Literacy:

Linux, UNIX, Windows, Macintosh, VAX platforms
Apache Server Administration, Web Security, SSL, PGP, SSH
Excel, Financial Modeling
Desktop Publishing, Photoshop


Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
M.B.A. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
M.S. Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
B.S. Biochemistry, Saint Peter's College, Jersey City, NJ

Professional Affiliations:

Rockies Venture Club
Northern Colorado Rockies Venture Club
Internet Chamber of Commerce
Fort Collins Virtual Business Incubator
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Society of Amateur Scientists
American Chemical Society